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by djchamike on March 25, 2012

Angry Birds Space : The Game

After fighting in various parts of the world and in all seasons, the angry birds and their enemies are now the shock of green space.
Angry Birds is a game with a simple history and basic controls. Something that made the request like crazy. But since he left in 2009, the application has not changed much in terms of gameplay. There are birds in anger.It smug pigs. Pigs steal eggs. The birds are thrown to the pigs with a slingshot and kill them. Although all the updates to Angry Birds were fun, have more recently become a little repetitive .
Space is an attempt by Rovio, the developer behind the game to make things a little shake. Read on to find out whether it is successful or not.

  • The graphics and environment 

The graphics and environment of the original game of Angry Birds was quite simple in its configuration. But after a while began to jazz Rovio. For example, had levels of Halloween, as part of Angry Birds published in 2011, very good graphics and illustrations. Even in the case of Angry Birds Rio and the Dragon year.

Angry Birds in space, there is little scope for stellar graphics or illustrations. Space is not just a place full of colors. While the levels look good, are dominated by blue ice and rock. However, the physical effects of the highest quality. Most birds and pigs have their own particular planet or asteroid. These planets and asteroids are the gravitational field, but things tend to float open. During the game, which leads to some fantastic physical effects.

  • Gameplay

As already mentioned, the space has an attempt to create a new experience for the birds of the series is to get angry. A very successful attempt.

So how to cope with Rovio?

Use of gravity – or lack thereof – so the only way the birds. This means that in the open air to drive the birds up gradually after they tend thrown from a sling. But if they do put on the gravitational field around an object on the surface of the object. This force players to plan carefully, instead of throwing the way, the birds, pigs and their castles.

Unlike other levels of the Angry Birds are telling the markings of the room with the players on the original path of the birds.

Birds have changed. The yellow bird – who wears a purple suit – does more than accelerate. He now has a special ability to change the direction in the air and narrow your focus like a guided missile. The Blackbird – who’s working – wearing a space suit and red orange. The big red bird is wearing a green dress. Finally, there can be a new bird, the objects freezes upon contact with other birds, break down barriers.

  • The sum of all

Taking into account the changes in gameplay, the room is more fun than some of the levels that Rovio has been in recent months launched. Different weight means that the path of birds can be scheduled in various ways. This gives players the freedom to experiment more and try new things.

This is my collection of some Angry bird space wallpapers and Angry bird space game-play screenshots ! Enjoy 😀

After playing the Angry Birds so many levels, it is difficult to excite in the game, however, is the space it packs in terms of new game for casual gamers in love again with birds and pigs. If you are a veteran or are playing the Angry Birds for the first time, the new levels are sure to keep your smartphone or tablet a few days stuck.

‘Angry Birds space’ is available in IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone), are Android phones, Windows-and Mac a total of 60 level.

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