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by djchamike on March 22, 2012

     “Windows 8”

In 2012, The PC needs saving .With pre-release of  ‘Windows 8 Microsoft believes it will be the magic bullet.I tested a pre-release version of  ‘Windows 8’  for consumers last week,it is different.i never seen these type of PC operating system.

The beautiful “Metro” interface only asks you to touch,interact with it. Applications beautifully designed, ultra-simple navigation controls,it is hard to believe that it is from the company that gave us “Windows Vista”. Interactive, “live” tiles and intuitive PC simplify app store. Windows 8 is so easy to use, like an iPad.

That’s exactly what Microsoft intended. As a PC sales slump amid a wave of tablets (well, iPad), Microsoft will create an operating system, which manufacturers can invent around the world for a Tablet PC. The software is programmed for the sales later this year.

But let’s be clear: under the guise of its consolidation, Windows 8 is still a PC OS. It has the most familiar desktop and taskbar , and works with both a keyboard and mouse, as it works with a touch screen.

This is the basic difference between the Apple iPad strategy and strategy of Microsoft Windows 8. Apple only supports touch, while windows 8 is designed for a Touch,hardware inputs.

The “iPad” is the easiest way to start with.That Apple calls the “Post PC” world, but computers have survived their usefulness at the moment. Most of the people still go to their tools such as Microsoft Office and the creation of more complex content.

This is where Microsoft sees an unknown territory. Would you like to be 8 main device for each user, the equally handy and intuitive as the iPhone , but also capable of Windows, do all the complex tasks of these days?
Microsoft doing that by tuning itself into a desktop app. The PC starts at the Metro-interface, which serves as the “Home Screen” and the main background of Windows 8.

“Metro” this  is ideal for common tasks, such as web browsing, e-mail, sharing photos,social networking ,casual gaming etc. If you need to edit a document,manage files  or do anything else that normally not covered in an iPad, single tap or click in windows 8 will do, which looks and feels like the Windows 7 interface.

Is Windows 8 is a perfect solution? Not quite, but it comes close.

  • What I liked: 
  • “Windows 8” is Microsoft’s goal of producing a “smooth and rapid” OS. It’s so lightweight , in fact that even beaten over a period of five years,with a Dell notebook with Intel puny Centrino , Windows 8 started in 16 seconds.
  • The Application Store is well designed,and Metro applications are the same quality you expect from the iPad.
  • There were some errors,bugs as expected from a pre-release software,Just press the Windows key, and you are back on the home screen.
  • My favorite feature was search mechanism that lets you find and lunch a program or file.Goodbye,Ctrl-R!
  • What I do not like: 
  • My biggest complaint is a feature of the design: The word ” Start ” is on permanent display in the upper left corner.
  • It would not be so bad if ” Start ” did something, but you can not click on it, push, pull, or interact with it in any way. It just sits there and watched.
  • To enable the launch of start menu options, you have to pass on the right side of the screen or press the Windows-C. This is the only way to display the , Wi-Fi state, Clock or the battery status. Maybe those things could be at the top of the screen instead of the ” Start “

Bottom line : 

Windows 8 will not kill the iPad. It does not try to kill Tablets but save the PC.Anyone over 25 probably remembers how Windows 95 introduce what could be done by a computer. Windows 8 is back in a much higher degree.
Imagine that. alarm to wake up in the morning, create a spreadsheets at work ,reading a e-book on the train, play Angry Birds on the way to home or watch Netflix in bed. All-in-one device “Windows 8”

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Randunulakshan August 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm

good windows 8

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