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by djchamike on February 19, 2012

 Web Cam Spy ,Vitamin D 

When it comes to web cam spy software , this is the best software(my personal view) ,and software with Motion Detecting Technology. It is  Vitamin D

Vitamin D can rotate one or multiple cameras in a complete video surveillance system to see the practice of what is happening around your house while you are away.Vitamin D can with cameras connected to the computer via USB, and can be connect to webcameras network. Once connected to the camera, “arm” to start recording, and leave the area.

Because of Motion Detecting Technology,used to capture video only when something moves in the scene.
Once you have captured video of the day, it is easy to see the video in vitamin D and see if anything happens. By default, the application allows you to all the recorded video segments that contain no motion to be considered. When playing back a sequence,moving, moving objects surrounded by a colored frame, so that they can easily observethe scene.

When it detect moving object it can detect it and highlight like this  

  • This is the Main GUI

  • Another screenshot ,When it detect and record videos automatically 

  • You can see video review about this software,,

You can Go to This site and download free or paid versions.

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