Best Megaupload Alternatives

by djchamike on February 7, 2012

Megaupload Alternative

Megaupload, most famous file sharing site, was suddenly shutdown because of SOPA and PIPA The decision came because of some online music and video piracy.
So i have some suggestions, Megaupload Alternatives

  • 1)MediFire  

You can drag and drop the files those you want to upload, Can easily share files and no need for registrations, The website provides file storage for free and unlimited, but you can not download a file over 200MB in one go. You do not have to, to wait while the use of free account. If you want more features buy pro account for $ 9.00 per can upload files up to 4GB. With the business account, you can upload files up to 10GB

This is a another famous site.It is Rapidshare, offers you to upload /download larger files, including the free account. But if you want those futures you must register first . Once registered, you can enjoy the exchange of large files and get a short URL to share it with your friends. This site gives a tough competition to Megaupload(not in use) and Mediafire.

This is a another site and you can try it too.YouSendIt offers users to sign up 14 day trial version if you want to upload files,free users receive 2 GB of free storage space and can upload files to 50MB single file. After uploading , you can send it to your friends via E-mail or even in your signature.

This is a another upcoming famous sharing service. In this you can easily drag-and-drop unlimited files indefinitely.You can drop and share music, videos and photos etc. in a public folder.
Note-You have to download dropbox software and install it. This is a worth download and installing, 
and not like file sharing sites this will give so many futures like synchronizing between PC to web. I will write a article about this service (well you must give some good comments 😉 ), Til then try it and tell your ideas about this  

Edit: You can view complete review ,guide about Dropbox here

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jordan February 7, 2012 at 7:21 pm

i really like that dropbox, it is very valuable for me. thank you

heleena August 30, 2012 at 5:50 pm

you WC jordan 😀

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