Siri vs Iris Part 2

by djchamike on January 4, 2012

Siri vs Iris  Part 2

I notice that many of you interested about my siri vs iris review, so i made a another part, it is about  Iris [Android]

Siri is a virtual assistant that the elements of the control functionality of the phone with your voice.While this element of Siri is useful, is not entirely original – Android users have the voice for eternity. What Siri has in the hearts and minds of  iPhone users around the world is
their ability to enjoy the small-talk and crack jokes.
Iris has been coded to replicate to the same talent. The application is very easy to participate in a  conversation, and although there are times where Iris do not understand exactly what you say in general, but it is very impressive.

You can send SMS messages and phone calls with Iris and it is leading the way to web searches on various topics and people.
Surprisingly, Iris takes the information and images via the Internet and on a text style dialog. But despite these characteristics, the most beautiful aspect of the program right now to answer the ability to provide a wide range of different and unique comments.
For example, if you ask Iris, where she is, she says, “In my house.” Pressed exactly at the point will be an address, and can ask questions lead to different results as much fun.
None of this really to raise more than a little smile on the person with the phone, and therein lies the main problem in Iris.Because he is defeated in the functionality of other means of voice control of Android applications, there is little reason to download it to impress your friends.However, it is interesting to note that the iris is still in development.

In fact, the team will be responsible for compiling the application that created the first version is less than 8 hours – if that’s true, then the time, this could really become something special.
For the moment, but just checking to see if you’ve seen in action Siri and feels more than a little jealous of your love to talk with friends the possibility of Apple, with their shiny new iPhones 4S. 

Those who missed my previous article about Siri vs Iris you can find it here



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david January 5, 2012 at 12:50 pm

good review

djchamike January 19, 2012 at 3:53 am

@david you can Subscribe me , there is more to coming

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