iOS powered devices ‘ION Audio Road Rocker’

by djchamike on January 20, 2012

ION Audio Road Rocker

A system of loudspeakers, the ultra-compact devices based IOS, microphones, and various other instruments supplied Bluetooth music players mentioned – Ion Audio has just introduced its latest piece of consumer electronics. Known as a shipping route that will be launched at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas and is small enough to be transported wherever you go, be it for a camping trip, tailgating parties, and certainly the way street.

How it works? Well, it has Bluetooth connectivity , so listening to music wirelessly via Bluetooth – So basically, most modern smartphone are compatible,and a group of Bluetooth devices such as tablets and portable media players. Do not make fun of his size, because it is a “dog” has a good average, “bark” is, despite its size.

Despite the incredibly compact, but can a loudspeaker array of high-quality, 1/4-inch input for connecting microphones, instruments and even comes with a bass port for additional music for low-end punch pass. Whether you use Audio ION Rocker street so that everyone in your group has a role in good time.Equipped with a built-in battery will be able to offer them up to eight hours of uninterrupted music.

Not only that, but come with a 1/8-inch input and the cable will not allow music players and Bluetooth-enabled devices connected to it. Integrated management to ensure that your iPhone or other is always pleasant and safe to go to the street, even if you have the time of your life with your favorite songs, good friends and good food. I expect no idea about the prices yet, but that the general release on the market later this year.

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