Google Chrome’s “private” browsing , Incognito

by djchamike on January 6, 2012

Google Chrome’s  “private” browsing , Incognito

If you need to have privacy when surfing the Web, most browsers provide a “private” browsing. Google Chrome called incognito mode

The first advantage is that the websites you visit or the downloaded files are not recorded in history. In addition, all new cookies are deleted on websites, after you close the incognito window.

It is very easy to open a new incognito window. just click on the icon and select “New incognito window” in chrome option menu.

But what if you want setup Google Chrome, continue to operate as anonymous? It is quite easy thing to do,
first create an alias on the desktop launcher. The best way to do is drag the icon from the Start menu on your desktop, as shown below.

In its present form, this launcher is the same as the Start menu. But to force him to use the incognito mode by default, you need a simple change. Then select the launcher and select Properties from the bottom of the menu.

Under the lens, the command used to start the program. We need to modify this command with a simple choice. Therefore, the mouse on the command line at the bottom where it says “chrome.exe” and added:


The two hyphens and the word “incognito” in lowercase, as shown below.

Now simply click on the Apply button and close the Properties window, and in exchange for pitcher is ready to go.
However, if you have a magic level, you change the name of this. Then click again and select Rename.

Now change the name to whatever you want. In our example, rename as “incognito”

Google Chrome is already open, but instead of the normal browsing incognito, from the beginning.

All this has happened! It is intended to change a little trick Windows system, the ability to associate with a single step. It’s great for people who want a little privacy, the default is not the default behavior of the launcher, then now is the normal browsing and Incognito mode, all with only one or two clicks.


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