G-Shock smartphone , Android

by djchamike on January 29, 2012

G-Shock smartphone with Android 

Casio introduced a new smartphone .it is for people who are rude as they want and not thinking about bricking their cell phones. G-SHOCK have the design of watch by exchange of all smartphone buttons to side of this phone. To prevent damage to the phone’s screen it has a thick border.

After the phone is a stylish metal casing and screws. Casio showed some emergency numbers on the back. like we expected, the phone with all kinds of prefixes “resistant” and shock-resistant (10 feet), flameproof (1.0 tons) and waterproof (1.0 bar) is, but are not expected to be no less a G-Shock phone.

Important features of the phone

  • Android OS
  • Shock-resistant to 10 meters
  • Waterproof resistant up to 1.0 bar = 10 meters!
  • Pressure resistant to 1.0 bar
  • The metal box
  • Plastic , resin construction
  • Camera with flash

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