‘Cydia’ what is that ? is it another IOS application? all about Cydia

by djchamike on January 3, 2012

‘Cydia’  what is that ? is it another IOS application? all about Cydia

Yes we can call it is a IOS application , but the best description is IT is An Alternative App Store for iOS Devices

Cydia is an alternative App Store offers applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone that are not available in the official App Store. Cydia applications were sometimes rejected by Apple, among other things, that the terms of Apple’s applications or applications that compete with Apple to hurt. Some applications in Cydia can also allow users to see things from Apple does not do so.

little info about –>> Cydia

Application Name: Cydia
Author: Jay Freeman (Saurik) http://cydia.saurik.com/
Supported App Store: No
Price: Free
Cydia offers an easy-to-install user interface of the software on an iPhone. Provides the user with the operating system, applications that were rejected by Apple to be modified. In many ways, the App Store jailbreak phones.Developed of the infamous Jay Freeman, the application of the rule in the iPhone jailbreak is installed. It is secondary to the acquisition of applications, but in many ways, hacked or cracked applications.
 Most applications are free Cydia, but Cydia Cydia store has a well, where the developer can charge for the application. It is not necessary to find and download applications from the APT, but allows the general public the opportunity to do so. Cydia also allows users to download as ringtones and wallpapers to download.
In the graphical version of the application user has 5 tabs:-

Cydia – Home page,, which takes you directly to the Cydia Store, feature packages and themes, and lots of useful information.
Sections – view applications by categoryChanges – Updates downloaded applicationsManage – show or remove packages already installed. List of current sources, and add more if known. See also the amount of space went to the new packages.Search – Search by keyword for applications

Jailbreaking? Is it LEGAL?
Jailbreaking has now been publicly announced by the U.S Copyright Office that Jailbreaking is NOT a violation of Federal Copyright Laws. So what does this mean? Well, as it has played out, it means that people are now jailbreaking Apples devices directly from the Apple Stores networks. It means that jailbreaking is now very available. Jailbreakme.com is behind all this madness, with it’s browser based jailbreak, utilizing a small bug in the iPhone, allowing it to execute code via a PDF file. It is almost too easy.
What costs Cydia Applications -> As in the official App Store Cydia applications, both free and paid. Requests for payment of costs between U.S. $ 0.99 to $ 20 or more.
Does Cydia Work Like the App Store? -> In many ways, yes, but more importantly, it does not. The Apple App Store application that stores all sold on Apple’s servers and download from there.
Cydia is more like a directory or a business in the way the App Store. If you put programs from Cydia, Cydia does not download server, but the storage by the creator of this application.

Installing Cydia

Cydia is a great program for your iPhone. It opens the door to thousands of apps that aren’t on in the App store. In order to install Cydia on your iPhone,you’ll need to make sure your iPhone is jailbroken.Cydia is a download that needs to be installed, so find your installer, and open it. During the installation, Cydia might ask you to restart. Don’t restart ,until you’re finished downloading, though.

Then click on “Sources.”
Now we come to our sources from Cydia add.
To do this, click on Edit -> Add.
Type in apptapp.saurik.com for the address.
Click on Install. To the “System” and select “Cydia Installer.”
After installing Cydia, you will be prompted to upgrade.
Click on “Upgrade Essentials
There you have it? You are now downloading cydia installed. Now you can use the Cydia App Store like apple App store

Here is a list of most Cydia repositories for the iPhone
You can add new Cydia repository by:
1>Go to Cydia
2>Click Manage
3>Click Sources
4>Click Edit
5>Click Add
6> Type the URL is below, and click Add Source

Now you are ready to browse through cydia , means ready to use many jailbroken apps!!

App.ifonetec.com: http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia/
AppleNewsFR: http://apple-news.fr/repo/
BigBoss and Planet-iPhones: http://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/
Clubiphone: http://www.clubifone.org/repo
David Ashman: http://david.ashman.com/apt/
Darvens Repository: http://apt.guardiansofchaos.com/
EasyWakeup: http://easywakeup.net/rep/
Free Coder: http://iphone.freecoder.org/apt/
Hack and Dev: http://iphone.hackndev.org/apt/
Hackulo.us: http://cydia.hackulo.us
hkvls.dyndns.com: http://hkvls.dyndns.com/downloads/debian
Howett: http://howett.net/cydia
iClarified: http://cydia.iclarified.com/
iSpazio: http://ispaziorepo.com/cydia/apt
Intelliborn: http://intelliborn.com/cydiav/
iPhone Video Recorder: http://www.iphonevideorecorder.com
iphone.org.hk: http://www.iphone.org.hk/apt/
iPhonemmod.br: http://cydia.iphonemod.com.br/
iPuhelin.com: http://ipuhelin.com/cydia/
i-Apps: http://cydia.i-apps.pl/
iBlueToothProject: http://ibluetoothproject.com/cydia
iSoftRu: http://isoftru.ru/repo/
In-steroids: http://a-esteroids.com/cydia/
iPhone.ir Repo: http://ir-iphone.ir/cydia/
iRom gba / Apps: http://iromrepo.com/Cydia/gba/
iRom Genesis Roms: http://iromrepo.com/Cydia/genesis/
iRom SNES Roms: http://iromrepo.com/Cydia/snes
iPhone SOS: http://cy.sosiphone.com/
IngiliZanahtari: http://apt.ingilizanahtari.com/
iPhone-patch (Bulgarian): http://mc2.iphoneall.org/
Icy: http://apt.ripdev.com
IACC: http://www.iacces.com/apt/
ModMyiFone: http://apt.modmyi.com/
Macbury: http://macbury.jogger.pl/files/
MyApple: http://cydia.myapple.pl/
Niklas Schroder: http://apt.paperclipsandscrambledeggs.com
PwnCenter: http://apt.pwncenter.com/
RichCreations: http://www.richcreations.com/iphone/apt/
Ranbee: http://ranbee.com/repo/
Redwolfberry: http://redwolfberry.com/rupertgee/cydia/
Sleepers: http://repo.sleepers.com/cydia
SaladSoft: http://nickplee.com/cydiasource/
Ste Packaging: http://repo.smxy.org/cydia/apt/
Steffwiz: http://apt.steffwiz.com/
TouchMania: http://cydia.touch-mania.com/
Telesphoreo Tangelo: http://apt.saurik.com/
Team 4PP13 Repository: http://apt.123locker.com
Urbanfanatics.com: http://urbanfanatics.com/cydia/
Vwallpapers: http://i.danstaface.net/deb/
Weiphone: http://app.weiphone.com/cydia/
WeHo: http://weho.ru/iphone/
XSellize : http://apt.xsellize.com/
Yellowsn0w: http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com/
Yellowsn0w: http://apt9.ihazsupper.com
ZodTTD: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

This article is written by me and I got some information from other sites ,doing this kind of thing is some what risky. you may lost your devise. so before doing jailbreaking etc.things think twice I’m not going to take the responsibility.If you have iOS device Running iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 you can jailbreak it through P0sixspwn download site.DO IT on your own RISK All the best!!

Subscribecydia@ wiki

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