Android-powered Sony SmartWatch

by djchamike on January 22, 2012

Gadget of the Week: The World at the wrist

Check incoming calls and connect to social networks – all with the Sony Android smart watch, a smartphone with a perfect accessory

What is it?

Apple iPod Nano, Motorola has the Motoactv. And now, Sony has its own technology gadget wrist watch smart start.

Back to the Past

In 2010, Sony Ericsson Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones  launched Android LiveView. The small 1.3-inch device was an extension of the smartphone, where you could see incoming calls, control music and the management of social networking applications. Coupled with bands and key rings Clock was a good addition LiveView (some would say unnecessary – What you are too lazy to make your smartphone in your pocket), around our wireless world.

So what’s so special about smart watch?

Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the latter, the LiveView SmartWatch is the next level. With newly designed and powered by Android Honeycomb, it allows users to download applications directly to the market about the device from the Android Market.

There is a clock, so see, but not limited to all. Once your phone is connected to Android, the full-touch 1.3 inch OLED display device for incoming calls, or may refuse to accept it without removing the phone vibrate. Please also read text messages, emails, Facebook updates and Twitter, and check the time. No, you will not be able to enter text, but I will not do it in such a small screen anyway.
To customize, you can also download a variety of applications, specifically designed for this unit and SmartWatch in turn developed into something more fun. The company said that the bracelets are available in pink, mint, blue, white, gray and black.
If you do not wear it on your wrist, remove the tape and clip it. The smart watch is also water-and dust-tight and therefore presumably built for rough terrain.

When available, and how?
The Sony SmartWatch was available in the U.S. in March Dh550. No word yet on the market in the Middle East.

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