WebGL For Google Chrome In Linux

by djchamike on December 30, 2011

Google Chrome WebGL for Linux

A brand new  HTML5 technology. It allows web pages become more complex and offers a user interaction and better content and better web applications . HTML5 is a little known, as WebGL. Led by Google, among other things, provides high quality graphics directly in your web browser WebGL. To see what you can WebGL and HTML5 to head chrome experiments for some outstanding examples.
Of course,if you use Linux as the operating system and web browser
like GoogleChrome (despite its name, Chrome experiments to Firefox users as well), then you can have problems. This is because Google Chrome (Linux version) comes with WebGL support is disabled by default. So instead of thinking you can use the following example WebGL to create a game of air hockey

You’ll see information telling you that it won’t work in your browser.

Not all experiments need experience Chrome WebGL page, so that some work well, others not. This means that the visit does not really show a random experiment, the capabilities of your browser WebGL, please visit this page to be sure.

If your browser is not capable of WebGL, you’ll receive this notice.

If your browser is capable of WebGL, you’ll receive this notice.

If you use Google Chrome on Linux and change their pitch or flags, and then he saw the first message. At the end of this article if your computer supports WebGL, then you will see the second.

The first step for Google Chrome WebGL you use the command to launch it. From the terminal as root, open the google-chrome.desktop (found in /opt/google/chrome/ if installed manually)in a text editor. In Ubuntu, with the text editor nano-terminal, the command would be:
sudo nano /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome.desktop
Now, scroll down until you see the following line:
Exec=/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome %U
It seems that in nano:

There is no Linux support WebGL, Google – by default – Linux, which GPU on their blacklist, WebGL. Start by saying you can order for Google Chrome you who know the list of blocks. Add the “–ignore-gpu-blocklist”  to the command shown above (without the quotes) will be made after publication, should be the order.:
Exec=/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome –ignore-gpu-blocklist %U
It will look like this if editing via a Terminal text editor:
Save the changes and the launcher is ready to go.
Note: When you pulled on your desktop launcher for a quick start, which should be changed.
Now that we’ve made this change, there’s just one more place we need to visit.  So open up Google Chrome, using your newly-edited launcher, and type chrome://flags into the URL bar.  The following page should appear.
This is where the experimental features (warning that this experience can break or disappear at any time). If you move a little, there are two that need light. In the figure below are shown in white.
The two functions are “Composition GPU on each side” to activate and “Canvas 2D accelerated by the GPU.” To activate, simply click on the link below a certain description. The bottom of this feature is white (as shown above), and you need for your browser.
An interesting option is the entry called WebGL (directly above the fabric input 2D GPU acceleration). As intuitive as it disables support WebGL, then you must make sure that the entry is disabled, called WebGL WebGL support enabled. Strange but true.
Well, once you have edited the score and had the two previous indicators, which are all together. Start your browser. For proof, head quickly to any page of Chrome extensions, and an experience that does not work for you, or is my browser WebGL. Your experience should work, and if everything is configured correctly (and the GPU on your computer is capable of WebGL is configured, then you should be able to play with the experiences of chrome.
Again, no matter what you can do to change the team can not only be strong enough to support full WebGL. Your GPU may not be strong enough (or fairly new) and the battery chart can not be updated (Table 6.9 or higher is required). If so, it is necessary to update. But for those of us with powerful computers, which should do the trick.Feel free to ask any question ,subscribe or check my related posts

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