Three iPad models in January! is it true ?

by djchamike on December 29, 2011

Luckily we found a decrease in the number of rumors about new Apple devices i Phone 4S underway. But with the planned iPad 3 for early next year, begins the speculation about what Apple has planned for the equipment rack to be developed.
The latest rumor comes from “chain partners” is that Apple is not a substitute for the2nd i Phone Instead, we have three brands iPad tablet on the market in late January.
The measure is in response to the popularity of fires Amazon Kindle, the millions of units in the short time it was for sale are sold. Apple is expected that the position of the iPad 2 to launch a competitor to the fire, providing affordable, while providing a larger screen than the Amazon device. If true, this is a smart move by Apple,especially if they come at a price of $ 199.
As for the iPad 3, apparently there are two models available. While the iPad 2 is the entry level model, it is a mid-range iPad 3, then be a better specked top model. Both are expected to be illuminated to a monitor capable of 2048 x 1536 resolution through sport and two LED light strips. Inside is an A6 quad-core processor.

The iPad 3 also includes a battery means that much-14, 000mAh iPad instead of 2of 6500 mph. How far Apple intends massively this type of battery in an i Phone haste scratching my head. Does this mean that the iPad 3 is configured to be thicker?If nothing else, will certainly be much higher.
As always, the only rumors, including the battery are sounds too unbelievable. I think it’s safe to assume that an iPad 3, but the repositioning of the iPad 2 tablets, that the budget can help maintain strong sales, while the competition Kindle firefighters.

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nice info!

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