Siri Similar Application For Android ,Iris what’s better?

by djchamike on December 31, 2011

“Iris” ,”Siri” Similar Application For Android OS


If Android users want to use Siri ,of course, already has twin sister Iris Siri, is dedicated to Android users. Iris builds from Google Voice, the information that users need the commands based on speech recognition. The resulting experience is similar, except that Iris knows a little slower than Siri.Even yes, of course, Iris is a very interesting addition to Android users.
Binil Antonio as one of the founders of Dexetra, iris development suggests that this application has already reached nearly one million downloads. Obviously, this number was impressive considering this application published just 2 months ago.

Apple’s Siri interface

But if you are not satisfied with the iris, the alternative seems to be even a personal assistant. Known for clever sense the other combined company with a personal assistant by the name Alfred. And Google also expand the action in a project calledthe voice of Majel, which should be more similar to Siri, in terms of interaction with users.

Edit:-I notice that many of you interested about my siri vs iris review, so i made a Part 2 it is about  Iris [Android] 

want to know Something about Google Majel (google’s Similar Application) ? Read ..


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