JailbreakMe support for Cydia iOS 12.0.1

by Adriana on November 9, 2018

After a long quiet period, we are going to enter a new narrative that describes a cutting-edge JailbreakMe approach. The best thing is it seems the creation will be able to support Cydia iOS 12.0.1 as well. However, this will not be the same that we went through JailbreakMe in earlier stages. The team surrounded several members those who are the well-known experts that offered us amazing deals. As we are going to welcome another edition as 12.1.1 in near future, we must be prepared with a proper jailbreak method that capable to break the entire barrier. So this may be the most counted aspect. Let’s check out what is further.

cydia ios 12.0.1

JailbreakMe support for Cydia iOS 12.0.1

It was really amazing to have JailbreakMe for those earlier versions to simply launch Safari and become jailbroken. So this is about such an amazing and wonderful suggestion that we collected from rumors. So this is one of well-known developer and a researcher call Sem Voigtlander who brought us a new topic related to a new JailbreakMe support for 12.0.1. And not even that, it seems it is going to cover the entire array unto iOS 4.0. So there is no doubt that this would be an interesting part since we do not have any other jailbreak method for iOS 12.0 either.

When will Cydia iOS 12.0.1 become true?

Behind the project, it appears there are many familiar names as well such as Pangu, Luca Todesco, KeenLab, Tihmstar, Niklas Baumsterk, CoolStar, Comex, KJC Research and Jonathan Levin. So there is no doubt that it will become a remarkable story with a brave support through. During the last couple of months, we could not capture positive considerations apart from a couple of demonstrations that brought to discussions. Therefore, it is truly amazing to have such an advanced and straightforward utility in the future. When there will be 12.1.1 as a public version, the contemplation should expand in a wide area.

However, with current points, we assure you that the testing utility can only support up to 12.0.1. So even the recent 12.1 still do not have any good point about its Cydia download possibility.

Cydia ios 12.0.1

When will be the next jailbreak?

Of course, we too look forward to the next breakout to be offered before long. Unfortunately, things are shady and apparently we just wander everywhere behind gloomy directions. Apart from a few demonstrations we collected, not any single was there thus far. But we point out this JailbreakMe deal that rumors murmur. Navigate the ship for this may be the next.

Final words

Thanks to Voigtlander, we could reach an interesting discussion during a gloomy chapter. So now, we have a new hope about an upcoming jailbreak support through Safari browser in accordance with JailbreakMe method. Those who are interesting about its development can browse GitHub Repository. Anyhow, when the new method will set to the audience or else when we can reach further details about the project, we will let you know right away.


KeenLab with a new jailbreak iOS 12.1 reveal

by Adriana on November 7, 2018

As we know, 12.1 became one of major reveals that Apple did to the 12th iPhone operating system. So it contained a strong security barrier, with several feature updates as well. However, when we navigate to jailbreaking through, there were a few demonstrations that delighted the story though did not become a public arrangement thus far. So in recent reports, we could capture that KeenLab has been posted another brave demo and that related to jailbreak iOS 12.1 story. Of course, it is really exciting to grab further things to get to know whether we are going to reach a public breakout in the nearly future.

jailbreak ios 12.1

Jailbreak iOS 12.1 by KeenLab

It is really glad to let you know that it became a true, thanks to KeenLab after some rumor murmur. The best thing is knowing that they could beat the most advanced security frame as well devoid of any trouble within a couple of days from its official launch. As the same manner that they brought the first ever demonstration to prove the capability of the 12th OS. And now, it is about the recent 12.1 that we remained anxiously. The update came from the famed researcher Liang Chen on his Twitter account. So it is great as it was the iPhone Xs Max once more powered by the newfangled A 12 hardware kit.

Will KeenLab support for a public jailbreak iOS 12.1?

Of course, now we have to find out whether we will be able to capture a public breakout from KeenLab? Unfortunately, they are silent without unveiling the truth behind their demo. But according to rumors, they might support for a public deal as well with those new captures they posted.

However, in accordance with the photograph that they posted, it seems the breakout is an in-house capture and that created with very own techniques. But there is no doubt that the current utility will not reach the audience for any reason as there should be several points that better to keep sheltered.

jailbreak ios 12.1

What’s coming up?

Although we could get closer another to unveil, it is shady whether it stands among semi-untethered category or else as a tethered. But it is impressive at least to know it as the only publicized implement that showcased the possibility of Cydia download iOS 12.1. Behind all those, we just got a detail regarding a new reveal that KeenLab going to showcase during POC on coming Friday.

Moreover, there is a buyer who going to offer $ 10,000 for a perfect Cydia support of 12.1. But experts too clarify that KeenLab will not sell the method at all as that should keep for their further researchers.

Final words

By the way, apart from the demonstration of KeenLab, the journey is empty and will have to fill several areas. Behind those resolutions, we will be able to collect a public jailbreak tool too. So be patient and keep your eyes here behind hackers as we do not know the jailbreaker or the certain time they will set everything free.


Stories behind jailbreak iOS 12.0.1

by Adriana on October 10, 2018

It seems Apple proudly endure the 12th iPhone operating system that currently holds 12.0.1 as the first public release and 12.1 as well as a beta to be released as soon as possible. However, the recent 12.0.1 contain a couple of highlighted repairs specifically introduced for iPhone Xs. Apart from its official clarifications, we are looking for something interesting related to jailbreak iOS 12.0.1. However, for that, we have to go through several topics that surrounded reliable details to get the certain status that we surrounded for things being shady and gloomy. So here we go from side to side of those we collected.

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

What’s new with iOS 12.0.1?

It is cool having enrichments within few days from the major announcement of the 12th OS with a minor settlement for the newfangled iPhone Xs. As highlighted, Bluetooth fixes and charging bug are the key repairs that the edition brought us. Moreover, reports testify that there are some further arrangements as well that users complained. Unlike often releases, this got two separated build numbers as 16A405 and 16A404. With the above fixes, the device will not delay charge when it connects to a Lightning cable. Furthermore, that issue rejoins a Wi-Fi bond at 2.4GHZ as a replacement for of 5GHz too has been repaired. Since sometimes Bluetooth as well could not properly available, it will no longer put you in troubles. The iPad keyboard brought the “.?123” button back. Also, that the issue some of you complained that subtitles were not there in some videos as well arranged properly.

Jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 updates

It is a little complicated topic since there is nothing many interesting things that directly set us there. But we have to remind you that there were team Pangu and Luca Todesco as well behind keen researchers such as 360 Vulcan Team, KeenLab and Umang Raghuvanshi with reliable reports related to iOS 12.0. Although you feel that it is not what you want to see here, they too are significant until we receive another confirmation or a public tool. Unfortunately, we yet to know whether those doorways that hackers used, still available or already closed with new security arrangements.

Should you get ready for jailbreak iOS 12.0.1?

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

This is another important direction for all jailbreakers those who go through our narration. Of course, we are in one hope to reach a breakout soon. But none of our points that we spot on did not direct you all to upgrade to 12.0.1 or else any of the latest. In accordance with Apple’s further clarifications, 11.4.1 is no longer sign in. So we remind you that as well to keep in your mind that the 11th iPhone operating system has been completely set away.

Wrapping up

By the way, just keep your eyes with 12.0.1 to grab something new and interesting in the nearly future. There might be further demonstrations too to confirm its possibilities. As a jailbreaker, you must be careful of your decisions as it should not make to leave current jailbroken stations to a non-jailbreak chapter just because of a prediction. Stay tuned.


We are back on 12th September 2018 just ahead to Apple’s assembly. Hope the gathering will be an attention-grabbing that we can count several significant points throughout. As we are excited to welcome iOS 12 jailbreak, this will be a turning point as we have to greet the huge Golden master version as well during the session. So here is everything we could collect in briefly.

ios 12 jailbreak

Recent updates for iOS 12 jailbreak

The hottest point that we have to discuss seems arrived from well-known Luca Todesco. And for it is about the approaching iOS 12.0, we must consider whether it is jailbroken or not. With the proclamation, it seems we may not be able to reach a breakout through that soon. The unwrapped evidence as well just appears to be a part of a utility and that should develop further to create a true potential breakout.

However, Luca was the developer who gave us a chance to crack several sessions of the array with a utility call Yalu. And now, it seems he still works behind though stand away from public tool releases during the last couple of months. So we have a delighted hope that a breakout will develop step by step though there is no any certain specific right away.

iOS 12 jailbreak release note and further

It is really great surrounding a couple of evidence before encounter the major 12th OS. The most interesting part is that some of the hackers from the community came up to reveal that the edition still capable to jailbreak while those rumors clarified the security frame is advance and stiff. Thus, we should not fall apart because of its complication. Just remain with a hope of an upcoming utility and that will let us write a brand new story behind. Though we cannot make certain the release date and so on, it is clear the breakout will certainly be there on time.

A new tool for iOS 11.4.1

As 11.4.1 is the highest OS version at this instant, we should not miss it for any reason. But with all updates it surrounded, it seems we may not capable to reach a breakout in a short while for the particular chapter while all are excited about the situation of the upcoming 12th iPhone OS. Of course, we wish to reach whatever jailbreak as soon as possible. But there is no doubt that the next release from hacker will certainly cover the next 12 keeps 11.4.1 as an empty.

ios 12 jailbreak

Wrapping up

So it is 12th September the day we remained anxiously. Within a couple of hours, we will be able to know a certain point that the company planned during the last couple of months through 12 total betas. By the way, a utility for the edition should be there within few further months before long. As we guess, it will not that far through the array. If you are waiting to upgrade your device soon after it became an open version, be sure that its jailbreakability is not important for you to play with.


iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities

by Adriana on August 21, 2018

Although there are tons of new performances and features with the upcoming iOS 12.0, still there are many that we may miss while surrounding the official unless having iOS 12 jailbreak permission. Still, Apple developers seem to be framed with limited enhancements that we can capture with the official frame. As a jailbreaker, I will never try to reach non-jailbreak chapters with boring performances. However, today we are going to focus all its current status. Hope it will support you all to decide their next step. So just take a deep breath and get ready to narrate a new deal. Here we go.

ios 12 jailbreak

iOS 12 jailbreak status

As you know, after KeenLab, 360 Vulcan Team and the fame 0-day bug of a Mumbai researcher, there is nothing we can provide as evidence here. Though the first two teams were members of the jailbreak community, appears they just responsible for demonstrations that will not be able to see as public tools in future. As we predict it just with current specifics, it may change in future if there will be a serious reason for them to come across the audience with a public tool release. However, as the other is a 0-day bug, we yet to collect details whether it can use in a better manner. Since the 12th iPhone OS is a beta at this instant, we have to check further reports to make certain that all their techniques capable to apply on future major version too.

Predictions for iOS 12 jailbreak

Among official updates of betas that we pass these days, we were looking for a proper prediction or a rumor to bring on your way. Unfortunately, nothing could found apart from the above evidence that is reliable.

As we are at the mid of August there are few more weeks to go patiently. Though we do not know anything exactly, we can guess the breakout will not fail for any reason as iOS 12.0 is going to be a huge and enormous release for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak users. So with this hope, stay tuned without chase fake instructions in some reports. Aware of whatever reporter you follow.

Important points to remember

As a jailbreaker or not, arrange a new OS is a little risky. Thus, do not go after the crowd that swiftly go with the approaching iOS 12.0. At least stay for a few more days if you are eager to upgrade. Until we confirm that jailbreakers are ready to release their utility, you better remain patiently.

ios 12 jailbreak

Wrapping up

By the way, we still follow rumors and researchers to get a reliable detail to make certain whether jailbreak iOS 12 will release soon or else will take some time. The truth is we cannot predict or confirm anything with those few current surroundings at all. While there are both reliable and fake directions everywhere, you should be clever and updated to grab the truth always. If not, you may be in a risk. However, will be there with further details as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


Install Whatsapp ++ without jailbreak

by Adriana on August 21, 2018

Here is a great report for users those who need to gain Whatsapp ++ on their iPhone, iPod or iPad. Do not worry if you are a non-jailbreak user since this is completely free from jailbreak permission. Thanks to dedicated Cydia Impactor application, we can use the IPA based file of any application to set up them to the device system. However, here is how to install Whatsapp ++ devoid of any trouble simply use its IPA availability. Are you ready to establish the app? Here is a simple step guide for anyone to start using the tool with more and more interesting features.

install whatsapp ++

Why is it important to install Whatsapp++?

Those who like to customize their Whatsapp chat app better check out these uses comes with its IPA installation. The best is you do not need to be a jailbreak user at all.

  • Unlike the formal third-party app, Whatsapp++ capable to hide last seen/online of your account
  • Do some special movements’ per-contacts such as put out of action “Read receipts”
  • Customize the user interface of the app and even the appearance as well
  • You can arrange a large profile picture
  • Do not let others know when the messaged delivered. So simply disable the delivery report
  • Share limitless files and media through
  • Send music tracks
  • Just tap once on the record button and start record without a long press as usual
  • Moreover, you can use the Touch ID or a passcode either to lock the app completely

How to install Whatsapp ++?

install whatsapp ++

  • If there you have the formal Whatsapp app with your iDevice, it should remove to establish the newest application
  • Search the web for both Whatsapp ++ and Cydia impactor files with your computer. The machine does not matter to compile even Windows, Mac or Linux
  • And then use a lightning cable or a USB cable right away to connect the iDevice and the PC
  • Now launch the Cydia impactor interface
  • Get the respective IPA file and drop on its interface
  • Once the file will accept, you will ask to put forward password and the username
  • So those logins will accept by the tool and will start to sideload the file
  • The app will install
  • Now you should go to the Settings panel and then to General > Profiles/Device Management? Profiles & Device Management
  • Once you enter there, use the Trust key to continue
  • And then you are capable to return to the Home screen and open the application

It is great as you can start using Whatsapp ++ from now with several features. To enter settings of the utility, turn to the Settings > Whatsapp ++ Settings” respectively.

Important facts to remember

The most important part that we should note here is that the implement you installed will expire once a week. Therefore, you have to use the same files above weekly to reset the application. If not, you will have to face crashes, errors and further issues.

Moreover, the compatibility of Cydia impactor package with your device iOS version should confirm first before start function.


What’s new behind iOS 12 jailbreak

by Adriana on July 26, 2018

Apple released the 4th beta of iOS 12.0 to developers. And then, we will be able to count the next beta within a few further fays with advanced uses to the system. However, as often, its major proclamation will be done in September for 64bit devices including the iPhone X. While we walk through the array, we could just collect a few clues and evidence about iOS 12 jailbreak. But even we cannot make sure will they support the true public tool release in the future. So we create this narration for everyone those who anxious about the actual situation behind this topic.

ios 12 jailbreak

Evidence for iOS 12 jailbreak

There are a few that we can highlight here as evidence that we can hopefully consider. Firstly, credits go to KeenLab for their dedicated support and that let us check out the first ever demo of jailbreak the 12th iPhone operating system. And then within next few days, we anxiously look forward to MOSEC as we know that the event will surely unveil something incredible, 360 Vulcan Team taken the responsibility of the second demonstration. And then, we heard something great that too related to the certain point with a 0-day bug. So these are the only clues that we can discuss regarding with reliable points.

iOS 12 jailbreak to the public

With any single demonstration above, we cannot confirm that it will support us as a public utility to break the barrier. So then, what we have to do is patiently remain for a few further betas as then only we can guess what will happen next. While I am writing this, it seems hackers remain silent about 11.4.1 which is the just prior edition of the array. With that, some of you might think the story is gloomy and cannot easily clear out. But the truth is a little deeper and serious. While the 12th OS is not a minor edition to ignore, it is clear the breakout will be there for sure though it takes some time.

ios 12 jailbreak

When can we download iOS 12?

As we often say, June and the September are the most affected dates of the year for Apple iOS users. So then, as it is the usual manner of a new OS to be settle on September after a long chain of betas during the testing period. In that manner, we will be able to grab the update as typical. Those who are with 64-bit iDevices can be prepared to welcome the edition right away.

Final words

Newfangled features that it announced at the very commencing stage will capable to count from then in a perfect manner. But as a jailbreaker, you may confuse and worry about iOS 12 jailbreak as it seems jailbreak stories are shady and gloomy. But now, we could collect a few as follow that you can refer before further movements. By the way, stay there behind the recent Electra update as it is easy to walk along the way after the approaching breakout with previous clues. Stay tuned for more info.


Predictions and rumors about iOS 12 Cydia

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iOS 12 jailbreak has been demonstrated

June 28, 2018

It seems Apple will settle 11.4.1 to the audience in the nearly future. Its 4th beta became the recent release while we were anxious about iOS 12. However, thanks to 360 Vulcan team and KeenLab, we could grab a couple of points that we were anxious about. After the first beta settlement during WWDC, rumors […]

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