In recent reports, we could collect the update of the beta 38 of Pre-released Unc0ver jailbreak. In accordance with reports that the developer Pwn20wnd brought on our way, the update and that contained v1ntex exploit now surround further enrichments and repairs. So the utility behind Cydia iOS 12.1.2 now gets nearer to the public release that we anxiously remain for. As usually, everything reliably taken from varies twitter posts of the developer that even seem to be an interesting journey for them as well. However, having a new breakout is really amazing and great rather than play odd non-jailbreak versions.

cydia ios 12.1.2

Cydia iOS 12.1.2 using Unc0ver

Of course, it is unc0ver to jailbreak 12.1.2 unto 12 in a stable manner. But thus far, we could not reach the utility for there is no any proper public application for the current Unc0ver 3.0 remains as a pre-release. Since there were many to repair, Pwn20wnd did not set it to the audience as a complete application. Moreover, a few days back, we discussed about their 37th beta and that partially support for 4K devices. But also, the developer confirmed that the utility will become a complete breakout though it is drawn far as betas. However, in my opinion, this must set up on your device if you are not a developer or an expert. Though the utility enhanced, we cannot say how smoothly it works with you. Because of it is a beta, you have to be prepared to face whatever situation.

Public release of Unc0ver 3.0 for Cydia iOS 12.1.2

Of course, this is what you should consider and collect if you are truly nervous about jailbreaking. With your device running 12.1.2, you must not try to upgrade to 12.1.3 or any above for they stand as non-jailbreak editions. Once you upgrade, you will never be able to return back. Therefore, you must decide first where you should stay to get closer the next jailbreak.

However, until the public release of Unc0ver 3.0, you have to remain a few further days. But we do not know the exact date that you are will be able to jailbreak for Cydia 12.1.2.

cydia ios 12.1.2

Final words

So we are with the beta 38 of pre-released Unc0ver 3.0. The exploit v1ntex recently got several enhancements and repairs with the update that will let us get closer to the public reveal that we anxiously waiting for. However, at this instant, we do not have a public tool to apply on any version of iOS 12.0. If you need to break the wall of 12.1.2, you must realize that there should be a public deal first. But even now, there is no any proper thing to let you know as we clarified through the entire post. If you are anxious, chase updates of Uncover that will bring you the major release of their current version 3.0 in the nearly future in a proper manner.


Thanks to our dedicated security researcher Umang Raghuvanshi, we could finally get closer an amazing detail related to the approaching iOS 12 jailbreak. He is an Indian developer who was there since far at the back of the community. Though there were rumors and predictions concerning a speedy release during the year 2018, we could not go through even up to here even after a couple of days of the New Year. However, it seems the celebrations going to begin within the next couple of weeks with the generous keenness of jailbreakers as typical. So let’s walk through the story to make sure things that were shady so far. Here we go.

ios 12 jailbreak

iOS 12 jailbreak clue by Umang Raghuvanshi

Raghuvanshi was the well-known dealer behind very own tweak Libertas that could be collected on Twitter with the attention-grabbing detail of a possible arrangement in aimed at the 12th iOS with those vulnerabilities he has been extracted. It is not that easy to find out everything properly while jailbreakers did not unveil things that obviously before the public release at all.

Though we point put Umang, it does not mean that he will effort for a public utility that we can enjoy with. Since it is just about a vulnerability, there should be a jailbreaker who can place there to take the duty for a publication with stable breakable keys.

iOS 12 jailbreak release date and further

If we will be able to collect those true details, it will be really great to be prepared for. The focused ones are A11 and A10 according to recent requirements of the community. Moreover, Umang specifically noted that the rest later ones are not certain whether capable or not for he did not work with them in India. And moreover, his clarification pointed 12.1 timeline as it is the next part that he needs to consider.

By the way, upgrade is not a good as even Raghuvanshi, too said that you can remain with those current standings rather than walk to a station which is far from here. And even he proclaimed that he work with Libertas as well for further development of tweak. Therefore, you better realize that we do not know the release date or any further about the upcoming utility at this instant.

ios 12 jailbreak

Wrapping up

At the end of the last year, we were with the most excellent iOS story that launched as the 12th chapter. Those fellows who interested in upcoming releases can refer our narration and realize true status. According to Umang the researcher who started this discussion, there will be a rapid jailbreak release with proper uses. But there is no any direct detail that we will be able to become conscious when and how the story of a new breakout will narrate? If you too waiting for the upcoming breakout play around those few points we brought on your way. If predictions and rumors going to happen true, it will cover up to 12.0.1 as well. Therefore, do not lose hope until we can collect exact particulars regarding the situation.


The story behind download iOS 12.1.3

by Adriana on December 21, 2018

Within a few days from 12.1.2 which we counted on our 64-bit iDevices, there is a new that we have to count as 12.1.3. It will record as the fourth update of the 12th iPhone operating system and as another minor edition. So this too will open for all those compatible replicas that we started iOS 12.0 with. In this story, we need you all to realize the true situation of download iOS 12.1.3 for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak users. If you were there since far from the next jailbreak release, do not fall down until we will be able to collect each and every detail accurately.

download ios 12.1.3

Download iOS 12.1.3 with all-new updates

As the fourth release of iOS 12.0, 12.1.3 as well has to play an important role. Though reports testify that there is no any significant importance between the first beta of 12.1.2 and 12.1.3, the rest will prove the true difference and so on. Therefore, we have to remain for future releases to make any decision rather than decide something wrong.

In my opinion, 12.1.3 contains a few important things that the company decided to rapidly settle to the system. It should be the reason that they dropped its beta version swiftly to developers. For the edition can only settle for members of Apple Dev Center, those who are already members of the center greet to start the deal with the initial seed right away or else settle it as an OTA. Before that, make sure whether you stand as a jailbreaker or not. It is the most important part since jailbreakers should ignore such updates to remain safe for proper jailbreak arrangements.

Are you ready to download iOS 12.1.3?

Of course, it is important to make certain whether you are ready to start dealing the all-new chapter or else you want some more time. Being a jailbreaker means you need more and more time to confirm a few things before making wrong decisions? But, there is nothing to worry when your only aim is to endure the array with respective enhancements. So you can simply switch to the newfangled chapter without any doubt. You will be able to collect security enhancements and newly arranged features as well.

download ios 12.1.3

Wrapping up

By the way, with the proclamation of 12.1.3, we could move forward of the array to turn a new chapter of the story. As the fourth version of the array, it is important to consider either you are a jailbreak user or not. It is all about the official status of the edition that users should realize with whatever situation they currently stand. If you are with one of the 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch it is your turn for another new deal. Of course, there may be jailbreakers who need to confirm which is the station that they have to sit tight for the next release? In my opinion, remain with 12.0.1 as it is the noted edition to be cracked in the nearly future. When you upgrade the device, you will not be able to return to 12.1 either


Will hackers release iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak soon?

by Adriana on December 4, 2018

So we are on December 2018 which is the month that reporters highlighted for a new jailbreak release since far. So we hopefully remain if there will be a rapid release to break the entire iOS 12 array including iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak. Thus far, there are just a few points that we have to clear out to be prepared there on time. Of course, we have 12.1 and 12.1.1 as well to go further. But for it appears 12.0.1 has a big value here than any other, it is important having a respective runoff option. As you all excited, here we go through each topic we collected with clear directions. Are you ready?

ios 12.0.1 jailbreak

A public reveal for iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak

Getting a public jailbreak suggestion is the most important part while being a jailbreaker. Unfortunately, there is no such a good update related to the 12th iPhone operating system so far. The only thing we have is demonstrations and a couple of pieces of evidence that they decided to unwrap to the audience. So we have to pick up one by one and realize the true situation of it and prepared there.

However, it would be great to hear that jailbreakers got a certain plan to let us deal with Cydia on our devices running 12.0.1. But when we check out if there is any direct evidence there, it is pointless to consider such a deal. But there are many reports that assuredly confirm 12.0.1 will be the next remarkable point.

Rumors and predictions for iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak

It is important to check out what are the rumors and predictions that direct us through the next breakout. Rumors say that hackers work hard to create a new pathway to be released in the nearly future. Moreover, predictions say that the month December will resolve all your troubles with a big bang according to some shady tips. As having a breakout is our only hope, it does not matter getting it in whatever time. But the matter is from whom we can wish a breakout while it seems there is no any clue of such a revealer.

However, let your eyes capture those wonderful things without miss any single point for any reason. Be careful for there might be off beam specifics as well.

ios 12.0.1 jailbreak

Wrapping up

By the way, find out jailbreak solutions is not that easy according to surroundings that highlighted. Within next few days, we will be able to upgrade our 64-bit iDevices to 12.1.1. But when you are a jailbreaker and remain for a soon release from hackers for the 12th iPhone OS, keep in your mind that 12.1.1 is not a good station or else a closer one for jailbreakers to be prepared. But those 12.0.1 and 12.1 are already proved as jailbreakable ones that will cover someday future. Of course, still, we cannot certainly note the release date for hackers being silent thus far. Stay tuned for further reliable details as soon as possible. The breakout is not far from here.


JailbreakMe support for Cydia iOS 12.0.1

by Adriana on November 9, 2018

After a long quiet period, we are going to enter a new narrative that describes a cutting-edge JailbreakMe approach. The best thing is it seems the creation will be able to support Cydia iOS 12.0.1 as well. However, this will not be the same that we went through JailbreakMe in earlier stages. The team surrounded several members those who are the well-known experts that offered us amazing deals. As we are going to welcome another edition as 12.1.1 in near future, we must be prepared with a proper jailbreak method that capable to break the entire barrier. So this may be the most counted aspect. Let’s check out what is further.

cydia ios 12.0.1

JailbreakMe support for Cydia iOS 12.0.1

It was really amazing to have JailbreakMe for those earlier versions to simply launch Safari and become jailbroken. So this is about such an amazing and wonderful suggestion that we collected from rumors. So this is one of well-known developer and a researcher call Sem Voigtlander who brought us a new topic related to a new JailbreakMe support for 12.0.1. And not even that, it seems it is going to cover the entire array unto iOS 4.0. So there is no doubt that this would be an interesting part since we do not have any other jailbreak method for iOS 12.0 either.

When will Cydia iOS 12.0.1 become true?

Behind the project, it appears there are many familiar names as well such as Pangu, Luca Todesco, KeenLab, Tihmstar, Niklas Baumsterk, CoolStar, Comex, KJC Research and Jonathan Levin. So there is no doubt that it will become a remarkable story with a brave support through. During the last couple of months, we could not capture positive considerations apart from a couple of demonstrations that brought to discussions. Therefore, it is truly amazing to have such an advanced and straightforward utility in the future. When there will be 12.1.1 as a public version, the contemplation should expand in a wide area.

However, with current points, we assure you that the testing utility can only support up to 12.0.1. So even the recent 12.1 still do not have any good point about its Cydia download possibility.

Cydia ios 12.0.1

When will be the next jailbreak?

Of course, we too look forward to the next breakout to be offered before long. Unfortunately, things are shady and apparently we just wander everywhere behind gloomy directions. Apart from a few demonstrations we collected, not any single was there thus far. But we point out this JailbreakMe deal that rumors murmur. Navigate the ship for this may be the next.

Final words

Thanks to Voigtlander, we could reach an interesting discussion during a gloomy chapter. So now, we have a new hope about an upcoming jailbreak support through Safari browser in accordance with JailbreakMe method. Those who are interesting about its development can browse GitHub Repository. Anyhow, when the new method will set to the audience or else when we can reach further details about the project, we will let you know right away.


KeenLab with a new jailbreak iOS 12.1 reveal

by Adriana on November 7, 2018

As we know, 12.1 became one of major reveals that Apple did to the 12th iPhone operating system. So it contained a strong security barrier, with several feature updates as well. However, when we navigate to jailbreaking through, there were a few demonstrations that delighted the story though did not become a public arrangement thus far. So in recent reports, we could capture that KeenLab has been posted another brave demo and that related to jailbreak iOS 12.1 story. Of course, it is really exciting to grab further things to get to know whether we are going to reach a public breakout in the nearly future.

jailbreak ios 12.1

Jailbreak iOS 12.1 by KeenLab

It is really glad to let you know that it became a true, thanks to KeenLab after some rumor murmur. The best thing is knowing that they could beat the most advanced security frame as well devoid of any trouble within a couple of days from its official launch. As the same manner that they brought the first ever demonstration to prove the capability of the 12th OS. And now, it is about the recent 12.1 that we remained anxiously. The update came from the famed researcher Liang Chen on his Twitter account. So it is great as it was the iPhone Xs Max once more powered by the newfangled A 12 hardware kit.

Will KeenLab support for a public jailbreak iOS 12.1?

Of course, now we have to find out whether we will be able to capture a public breakout from KeenLab? Unfortunately, they are silent without unveiling the truth behind their demo. But according to rumors, they might support for a public deal as well with those new captures they posted.

However, in accordance with the photograph that they posted, it seems the breakout is an in-house capture and that created with very own techniques. But there is no doubt that the current utility will not reach the audience for any reason as there should be several points that better to keep sheltered.

jailbreak ios 12.1

What’s coming up?

Although we could get closer another to unveil, it is shady whether it stands among semi-untethered category or else as a tethered. But it is impressive at least to know it as the only publicized implement that showcased the possibility of Cydia download iOS 12.1. Behind all those, we just got a detail regarding a new reveal that KeenLab going to showcase during POC on coming Friday.

Moreover, there is a buyer who going to offer $ 10,000 for a perfect Cydia support of 12.1. But experts too clarify that KeenLab will not sell the method at all as that should keep for their further researchers.

Final words

By the way, apart from the demonstration of KeenLab, the journey is empty and will have to fill several areas. Behind those resolutions, we will be able to collect a public jailbreak tool too. So be patient and keep your eyes here behind hackers as we do not know the jailbreaker or the certain time they will set everything free.


Stories behind jailbreak iOS 12.0.1

by Adriana on October 10, 2018

It seems Apple proudly endure the 12th iPhone operating system that currently holds 12.0.1 as the first public release and 12.1 as well as a beta to be released as soon as possible. However, the recent 12.0.1 contain a couple of highlighted repairs specifically introduced for iPhone Xs. Apart from its official clarifications, we are looking for something interesting related to jailbreak iOS 12.0.1. However, for that, we have to go through several topics that surrounded reliable details to get the certain status that we surrounded for things being shady and gloomy. So here we go from side to side of those we collected.

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

What’s new with iOS 12.0.1?

It is cool having enrichments within few days from the major announcement of the 12th OS with a minor settlement for the newfangled iPhone Xs. As highlighted, Bluetooth fixes and charging bug are the key repairs that the edition brought us. Moreover, reports testify that there are some further arrangements as well that users complained. Unlike often releases, this got two separated build numbers as 16A405 and 16A404. With the above fixes, the device will not delay charge when it connects to a Lightning cable. Furthermore, that issue rejoins a Wi-Fi bond at 2.4GHZ as a replacement for of 5GHz too has been repaired. Since sometimes Bluetooth as well could not properly available, it will no longer put you in troubles. The iPad keyboard brought the “.?123” button back. Also, that the issue some of you complained that subtitles were not there in some videos as well arranged properly.

Jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 updates

It is a little complicated topic since there is nothing many interesting things that directly set us there. But we have to remind you that there were team Pangu and Luca Todesco as well behind keen researchers such as 360 Vulcan Team, KeenLab and Umang Raghuvanshi with reliable reports related to iOS 12.0. Although you feel that it is not what you want to see here, they too are significant until we receive another confirmation or a public tool. Unfortunately, we yet to know whether those doorways that hackers used, still available or already closed with new security arrangements.

Should you get ready for jailbreak iOS 12.0.1?

jailbreak ios 12.0.1

This is another important direction for all jailbreakers those who go through our narration. Of course, we are in one hope to reach a breakout soon. But none of our points that we spot on did not direct you all to upgrade to 12.0.1 or else any of the latest. In accordance with Apple’s further clarifications, 11.4.1 is no longer sign in. So we remind you that as well to keep in your mind that the 11th iPhone operating system has been completely set away.

Wrapping up

By the way, just keep your eyes with 12.0.1 to grab something new and interesting in the nearly future. There might be further demonstrations too to confirm its possibilities. As a jailbreaker, you must be careful of your decisions as it should not make to leave current jailbroken stations to a non-jailbreak chapter just because of a prediction. Stay tuned.


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iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities

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Although there are tons of new performances and features with the upcoming iOS 12.0, still there are many that we may miss while surrounding the official unless having iOS 12 jailbreak permission. Still, Apple developers seem to be framed with limited enhancements that we can capture with the official frame. As a jailbreaker, I will […]

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